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New Watercolors - Ralph F. Wilson

Here are some of my more recent watercolors.

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ProphetElijahStainedGlassIcon-10x14-220211.jpg Watercolor: Prophet Elijah Stained-Glass Icon - 10" x 14"
As I'm developing an e-mail Bible study on the Life of Elijah, I decided to paint him. This is my adaptation of a mid-19th century Russian icon of Elijah in the collection of Chapman College painted on a wood panel. My version is on hot press paper, designed to look like a stained glass window. It's a lot more colorful than my model, but retains the subdued countenance that most icons possess. 220211. Watercolor and ink on hot press paper, 10" x 14".

StanfordArches-14x20-220218.jpg Watercolor: Stanford Arches - 14" x 20"
The Quad at Stanford University is surrounded by a beautiful colonnade. Each arch on the inner Quad is decorated by the most exquisite and intricate frieze work carved of the sandstone to create an almost Moorish effect. This painting is from a photo I took in October 2018 when I was there with Jean for an alumni gathering for an alumni gathering. I love how you peek through the arches to the classrooms behind. Juried into the 2022 WASH Open Show "Go with the Flow," August 16-Sep 10 2022. 220218. Watercolor, 14" x 20" (Private collection).

WinterShadowsintheFoothills-14x10-220303.jpg Watercolor: Winter Shadows in the Foothills -- 14" x 10"
On our anniversary this February, Jean and I took a ride in the foothills, up to Auburn, then winding down Mt. Vernon Road towards Lincoln. Along the way, this rock outcropping stood out to me. What makes the picture strange is the green of the evergreen Interior Live Oak Trees to the left and the bare winter limbs of the deciduous Valley Oak with their naked branches swooping down like skeletal fingers. 220303. Watercolor, 14" x 10".

ExplodingDahlia-20x14-220320.jpg Watercolor: Exploding Dahlia - 20" x 14"
This particular dahlia looks like it's exploding. I love the energy and action. I used a new color to me for many of the petals -- Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet, with some Quin Coral. On the lower right I used a diluted Bordeaux. Juried into the 2022 WASH Open Show "Go with the Flow," August 16-Sep 10 2022. 220320. Watercolor, 20" x 14".

CarnationCluster-10x10-220410.jpg Watercolor: Carnation Cluster - 10" x 10"
I love the way the white tips bleed into the reddish centers of this variety of carnations. 220410. Watercolor, 10" x 10".

ElijahtheTishbite-10x14-220426.jpg Watercolor: Elijah the Tishbite - 10" x 14"
I've been preparing an e-mail Bible study and book on 'Elijah: Rebuilding the Altar of Yahweh.' I needed a good portrait for the bookcover, so I asked my friend Steve Winther to pose for me. Then painted a kind of rough-hewn Elijah. He is bold, in-your-face, and has stared down kings. Won second place in the WASH Painting of the Month for May 2022. 220426. Watercolor and ink, 10" x 14".

SunlitSnapdragons-14x20-220514.jpg Watercolor: Sunlit Snapdragons - 14" x 20"
Spring is a happy time when colorful flower spikes of snapdragons compete with each other to rise up to the sun and be lit by its rays. These started out all the same coral color, but I couldn't help myself, and mixed up the colors a bit. 220514. Watercolor, 14" x 20".

EagleandFlagStainedGlass-14x10-220527.jpg Watercolor: Eagle and Flag Stained Glass - 14" x 10"
I felt like doing something striking -- and what's more striking than an American Eagle with a glare in his eye? For a couple years I have been occasionally playing with a stained glassy effect. I think I like it because I can use wonderful saturated colors, and because of the definition it offers. And it's fun, even though it's tedious. 220527. Watercolor and ink on hot press 140# watercolor paper, 14" x 10".

RockOutcroppingsCramerRd.Auburn-14x10-220401.jpg Watercolor: Rock Outcroppings, Cramer Rd., Auburn - 14" x 10"
I've been putting off painting this for years, because I would imagine a Union Scout peering through the trees, his horse tethered near the rocks. But he never appeared. 220401. Watercolor. 14" x 10".

QuiltBlockBarnHorseshoeBarRd.Loomis-14x10-220605.jpg Watercolor: Quilt Block Barn - 14" x 10"
I've passed this barn for a year or two on Horseshoe Bar Rd. in Loomis, about a mile East of the junction. What makes it stand out is a quilt block on it. So I stopped one day in April and decided to paint it. 220605. Watercolor on Arches rough 140# paper, 14" x 10".

RaggedYellowBeauty-7x10-220701.jpg Watercolor: Ragged Yellow Beauty - 7" x 10"
I enjoyed an early morning at Donner State Park on June 22, 2022. As I followed a trail through a meadow along Donner Creek as it drained the lake, I was delighted by the spots of yellow from this yellow flower. With the help of a naturalist at the park I am pretty sure it is Groundsel or Arrowhead Butterweed (Senico triangularis). I was struck by its yellow strap-like rays that seemed ragged and incomplete. In my series of 31 paintings in 31 days of July. 220701. Watercolor and ink. 7" x 10".

MockingbirdinBlue-10x10-220625.jpg Watercolor: Mockingbird in Blue - 10" x 10"
We've had a mockingbird staying around the last few weeks, bringing joy to the morning air. Mockingbirds are primarily gray, black, and white, but I wanted mine more colorful. So .... 220625. Watercolor and ink, 10" x 10".

DonnerCreekRipplies-14x10-220707.jpg Watercolor: Donner Creek Ripples - 14" x 10"
I love painting Sierra Creeks splashing their way down the mountain. This one isn't splashing much, but makes some white water as Donner Creek drops a bit in level as it drains Donner Lake. I saw this on a meadow walk on a June 18, 2022 trip. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220707. Watercolor, 14" x 10"

StumpedinDonnerCreekMeadow-10x7-220707.jpg Watercolor: Stumped in Donner Creek Meadow - 10" x 7"
On a trail around Donner Creek Meadow, where the creek drains Donner Lake, on a June 18, 2022 trip, I found these stumps. The shapes attracted me. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. Watercolor. 220707.

ExpanseofEmraldBay-10x7-220707.jpg Watercolor: Expanse of Emerald Bay - 10" x 7"
As I drove south along the western shore of Lake Tahoe during a July 18, 2022 trip, I came to an overlook where I could take an expansive photo of Emerald Bay. A few little boats look like white dots at this distance. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220707. Watercolor, 10" x 7".

GardenSnailSlime-10x7-220707.jpg Watercolor: Garden Snail Slime - 10" x 7"
When I was in Jr. High in Hayward, California, I can remember having snail wars with the plentiful snails in our yard. Fortunately, where we live now has been pretty well spared. This is a quick painting of the common Garden Snail (Helix aspersa). Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220707. Watercolor, 10" x 7".

RedBarkScorpion-10x7-220707.jpg Watercolor: Red Bark Scorpion - 10" x 7"
In looking for a scorpion to impress my granddaughters, I ran across a photo of a Red Bark Scorpion (Babycurus jacksoni). It is venomous, though not native to California. Full-grown it is about 4 inches long. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220707. Watercolor, 10" x 7".

WesternYellowButtercupatDonnerCreekMeadow-10x7-220702.jpg Western Yellow Buttercup - 10" x 7"
While strolling through the Donner Creek Meadow east of Donner Lake during a June 18, 2022 trip I spotted several clumps of Western Yellow Buttercup (Ranunculus occidentalis). Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220702. Watercolor and ink. 10" x 7".

PalaminoJacsLittleSunrise-10x7-220710.jpg Watercolor: Palomino Jacs Little Sunrise - 10" x 7"
My eight-year-old granddaughter is in a horse-loving phase, going to horse camp in Auburn this summer, so I painted her a couple of horse pictures. This one is a Palomino quarter horse stallion Jacs Little Sunrise, seen here galloping around the field. He was active in 2008-2012 in Europe and Britain. Part of my 31 Paintings in July series. 220710. Watercolor, 10" x 7".

HeresLookinatYou-7.5x7.5-220710jpg.jpg Watercolor: Here's Lookin' at You, Kenya Giraffe, 7.5" x 7.5"
One of the joys of a mission to Kenya in October 2019 was a daytrip to Lake Nakuru National Park where I watched a herd of Rothchild's Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) in the wild feeding in the forest beside the lake. One looked straight at me for a moment when I snapped a photo. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220709. Watercolor, 7.5" x 7.5".

SorrelQuarterhorseMrJessPerry-7x10-220710.jpg Watercolor: Sorrel Stallion Mr. Jess Perry - 7" x 10"
For my 8-year-old granddaughter I painted a portrait of a sorrel quarter horse stallion Mr. Jess Perry (1992-2017). He had won races in Texas and Louisiana, then was a top-earning stud. Part of my 31 Paintings in July series. 220710. Watercolor, 7" x 10".

LorquinsAdmiral-10x7-220712.jpg Watercolor: Lorquin's Admiral - 10" x 7"

One of the resident butterflies where I live in Loomis, California, is the Lorquin's Admiral (Limenitis lorquini). Here's my take on it. Part of my 31 Paintings in July series. 220712. Watercolor and ink, 10" x 7".

KenyaWomansBeadedBraids-7x10-220713.jpg Watercolor: Kenya Woman's Beaded Braids - 7" x 10"
When I was in Nairobi, coming back from a mission trip to Eldoret, Kenya, I visited the Elephant Orphanage. There I saw this striking young woman with elaborately braided hair. Part of my 31 Paintings in July series. 220713. Watercolor. 7" x 10"

BetsyRossHands-14x10-220713.jpg Watercolor: Betsy Ross Hands - 14" x 10"
In 1870 a grandson of Betsy Ross told the story of Washington's visit to her in Philadelphia in 1776 and her creation of the first official flag of the United States of America, the one with 13-stars on a field of blue. Though there's no documentation for the story, I like to believe it. In my painting, Betsy is just finishing up her first flag. Part of my 31 Paintings in July series. 220713. Watercolor, 14" x 10".

RainbowUnicorn-7x10-220713.jpg Watercolor: Rainbow Unicorn - 7" x 10"
One of my granddaughters is entranced by unicorns. So I painted this rainbow unicorn just for her. Part of my 31 Paintings in July series. 220713. Watercolor, 7" x 10".

ConnieBench-Jumping-10x10-220727.jpg Watercolor: Connie Bench-Jumping - 10" x 10"
While her sister was riding at 'Horse Camp,' Connie was engaged in jumping from one bench to another -- and somehow succeeded again and again. I superimposed two images here to show the action. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220727. Watercolor, 10" x 10". Private Collection.

EverlastingPea-7x10-220727.jpg Watercolor: Everlasting Pea - 7" x 10"

On my trip to Mendocino County the second week of July 2022, I saw these pea plants along roadsides everywhere in purple (as here), red, and white. This is Everlasting Pea or Perennial Sweet Pea (Lathyrus latifolius), from Europe originally, where is has long been used as an ornamental. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220727. Ink and watercolor, 7" x 10".

NevadaCityFirehouseNo.1-10x14-220727.jpg Watercolor: Nevada City Firehouse #1 - 10" x 14"
Nevada City, CA has two firehouses in the downtown area, one on Main St., a block downhill from the First Baptist Church of Nevada City that I pastored from January 2010 through August 2013. This one is white, the other, on Broad Street, is red. I've often admired the ornate woodwork. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220727. Ink and watercolor on hot press paper, 10" x 14".

EvangelineandChaseatC-HorseRanch-10x10-220728.jpg Watercolor: Evangeline and Chase at C-Horse Ranch - 10" x 10"
Summer 2022 is the time for horse camp for two of my granddaughters. Here is Evangeline astride patient Chase at the C-Horse Ranch just north of Auburn west of Hwy 49. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220728. Watercolor, 10" x 10". In a private collection.

JeffreyPinesalongDonnerLake-10x7-220728.jpg Watercolor: Jeffrey Pines along Donner Lake - 10" x 7"
On a camping trip to Tahoe I enjoyed a delightful morning along the west shore of Donner Lake. This is a view of Donner Lake through the stately Jeffrey Pines. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220728. Watercolor, 10" x 7".

TahoeTreesandRocksI-7x10-220728.jpg Watercolor: Tahoe Trees and Rocks I - 7" x 10"
I love the high Sierra! The awesome trees, somewhat battered by the extreme winters join with the wonderful granite rocks are inspiring. Then add a peak at the deep blue of Lake Tahoe and it doesn't get better than that. Don't tell anyone, but I moved the lake into this scene with Photoshop. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220728. Watercolor, 7" x 10".

TahoeTreesandRocksII-10x10-220728.jpg Watercolor: Tahoe Trees and Rocks II - 10" x 10"
Here's another mix of Tahoe's rocks, trees, and lake, with white-capped peaks in the background. In this view, Tahoe was in my photo, but I had to move it left to get it in the square format. Part of my 31 Paintings in July challenge. 220728. Watercolor, 10" x 10".

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