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Watercolor: Hands Joined in Unity - 14.5" x 10.5"


In September 2008, I was invited to Eldoret, Kenya to lead a Reconciliation Conference in a city where nearly 500 people had been killed in tribal violence enflamed by political candidates for election. Pastors of the churches came from the tribes that had been killed and there was much distrust. I taught on forgiveness and love: "By this shall all people know that you are my disciples. Because you love one another." At the conclusion of the conference, Pastor Chriss Barasa Lusweti called representatives of the estranged tribes to line up across each other, join hands, confess to each other, and pray for each other. The work God did in that time was amazing to behold. This painting depicts people from two warring tribes joining hands in unity. Watercolor, 14.5" x 10.5"

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