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Watercolor: St. Columba Bookmark - 4" x 13.25"


In March 2017, Jean and I went on a Leadership Retreat from our church to St. Columba Retreat Center in Inverness, a beautiful, large, rambling Redwood house overlooking Tomales Bay. A century after St. Patrick, St. Columba (521-597 AD) was an Irish missionary who founded the Iona Monestary in northern Scotland, and sought to win the Picts (my people) to Christ. He was highly educated, but got into a couple controversies that resulted in a battle that killed 500+ people. His goal in Scotland was to win as many men to Christ as the deaths he had been responsible for back in Ireland. Watercolor, 4" x 13.25", designed to be reduced to fit on a 2.0" x 4.75" bookmark.

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