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Watercolor: Two Cathedrals (Lincoln Cathedral) - 14" x 20"

In August 2009 Jean and I spent a couple of days poking around Lincoln Cathedral in Lincoln, England. It is an immense, grand cathedral in the Early Gothic style that dominates the skyline within the city as well as being visible for miles around, here viewed from Lincoln Castle. Begun in 1072, its construction continued in phases to 1311. Before its central spire collapsed in 1548, it was the tallest building in the world. For a long time it was a repository of the Magna Carta. I call the painting "Two Cathedrals" because the towering cumulous clouds roil up to 30,000 feet, a far grander monument to the glory of God than even man's best attempts. 210221. Watercolor, 14" x 20".
Watercolor: Two Cathedrals (Lincoln Cathedral) - 14" x 20"

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